Monthly meeting structure to review progress consider and solve problems, supported by a weekly catch ups to facilitate forward progress.
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Agenda - Monthly

 This Year  
 Upcoming work/projects

 Sales Summary 

\\TINA\streamjobs\Stream Int\_Steve\Sales

 Special Issues  Nil
Last month Comments
Financial performance link to data
Work complete

Timspec tweaks

CRC landing pages

PIQ report tweaks

Hayman Reese?

Work not complete  
Review outstanding  actions  
Special Issues to Address  
Meeting reviews  
This month (review weekly)  
Working Days   22
Public/ Staff holidays    
Client work underway (value for the month)

Timspec Accoya pages

Mtanz Conference?


NZPPI $ est  $15,000

Strm work  Review Gant (v7)
Special Issues New guy starts?


Meeting Notes

meet date Item Who Outcome Completed


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