Monthly meeting structure to review progress consider and solve problems, supported by a weekly catch ups to facilitate forward progress.
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Steve  person_pin Sanjay

Agenda - Monthly

 This Year  
 Upcoming work/projects

 Sales Summary 

\\TINA\streamjobs\Stream Int\_Steve\Sales

 Special Issues   Nil
 Staffing  New programmer required predominantly for CIL
Last month Comments
Financial performance link to data
Work complete CIL misc, CCYP 95%, NZLLA 99%, Timspec 90%
Work not complete Timspec $2k
Review outstanding  actions Not Done
Special Issues to Address


Meeting reviews Tech - review 
This month (review weekly)  
Working Days   14 left
Public/ Staff holidays    Various xmas holidays
Client work underway (value for the month)

Timpsec $2k 


PIQ co handling $2.5k

CRC $3k

Strm work  Review Gant
Special Issues Newsletter


Meeting Notes

meet date Item Who Outcome Completed
        Done  11 Oct


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